Open Source AWS Compatible Private Clouds

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When it comes to cloud projects, despite the early days, one pattern has become clear for IT: You start with a private cloud, looking to development and test functions as your initial use cases.

But when you do, you also must be mindful of the hill—or mountain—you’re looking to climb. 

Your earliest decisions, while not insurmountable, can substantially impact the end result. That’s why it’s important to enter your early dev/test forays with a clear view of your full lifecycle aspirations. 

That’s the purpose of this paper—to help you define and design your perfect dev/test cloud with an eye to the future, making decisions that will deliver near-term benefits while setting you up for long-term success.

Achieving Agility in Dev and Test: Securing the Beachhead for Your Cloud Journey

Achieving Agility in Dev and Test:
Securing the Beachead for Your Cloud Journey