Open Source AWS Compatible Private Clouds

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As you adopt Agile development methodologies, your application release team is struggling to manage the dramatically increased frequency of your application build-test-deploy processes.

Your IT team is also stressed -- they now need to provide lots of compute infrastructure (and deliver it quickly) to support the dev/test processes.

What you need is automation -- an Agile Development Cloud - to successfully address the development and IT issues. The Agile Development Cloud provides:

  • Process automation to accelerate and manage the build-test-deploy process
  • Integrated cloud automation to rapidly provision and de-provision virtual compute environments to support the dev/test process

Read this whitepaper to learn the 7 steps you need to take for a successful automated development/test cloud.

7 Steps to Success with an Automated Development/Test Cloud

 7 Steps to Success with an
Automated Development/Test Cloud